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Awards are attractive recognitions for successful operations by amateur radio and as well as motivation and intention for more activities. At the same time offer good awards opportunities to preoccupied with interesting questions of the world.
My experience is, that to work for awards we have to get over 3 steps of difficulties (without inappropriate rules:
1. to get the necessary QSOs,
2. to get the QSL cards and acceptance of the QSL dates,
3. to pay and to get the award.
The first step of difficulty was always most easy ...,
but now there are electronic certificates!

In my collection I have more than 750 awards and certificates.

New awards

Internet certificates are topical, quick reaching and attractively.

The Russian Club CW offers on its
web page a
standard programme of diplomas.
There contains of 24 groups and a
series of trophies. In addition for participations of special activities recompenses with other certificates.
The certificate groups are so constructed that one can be quite successful as a new comer.

QSOs are valid for almost all certificates from 1/1/2000. After the up load of the application the certificate is available as a JPG files on the next day. Besides lower classes will be become always coconfirms.
For the sum of the certificates will award trophies. Now my QSOs of the last 20 years were recompensed with 274 well designed certificates.

New awards from

New Year 2018: The Miller-DX-Club awarded for QSOs with the special stations UE18xx seven attractive certificates free of charge on the Internet

Telegraphy marathon of RCWC 22.07.-06.08.2017 - in the offer 6 awards in 3 classes each - reach of them 16 awards

Telegraphy marathon of Russian CW Club from 23. July 2016 00:00 MSK till 23. August 2016 23:59 MSK - 3 awards

Juri Gagarin - 55 ago in the cosmos
right: 82nd birthday

Flying time 108 minutes

225th birthday of S. Morse
Valentin's day 2016
28 of 29 WRTC areas 2016
80th birthday of Juri Gagarin
AN-225 - biggest airplane
27 of 29 WRTC areas 2015

In the DCL accumulated points from contest logs, and LotW (2015)
DLD cw DLD 400: 80m - 40m , DLD 100: 20m DL3KWR
DLD cw DLD 200: 20m , DLD 100: 12m - 15m - 17m - 30m CT9/DL3KWR
EU-DX-D-1000 Plaque cw 1999 till 2014: 1190 points DL3KWR
EUROPA-D 300 Plaque cw 330 points DL3KWR
EUROPA-Diplom cw 2010 - 2015: 1132 points CT9/DL3KWR
WAC cw 12m - 15m - 17m - 20m - 40m - 80m DL3KWR
WAC cw 12m - 15m - 17m - 20m - 30m CT9/DL3KWR
WAE cw 71 entities, 326 points DL3KWR
WAE cw 57 entities, 233 points CT9/DL3KWR
DXCC cw wkd 238 entities, 1089 points DL3KWR
DXCC cw wkd 166 entities, 693 points CT9/DL3KWR

HAM FORMULA ONE - Sochi October 2014
Final: awards from 11 of the 12 teams
The Megalog contest and event team organises Sochi 2014 radio activities from the 15.09.-15.10.2014 in 3 stages: practic, qualification and the race.
Stations with the prefix UE16 and a suffix, wich stands as an abbreviation for racing teams (i.e. "LT" for Lotus F1 Team) are to be worked. Whole management incl. eQSLs on the Internet.

The Russian amateur radio federation SSR has pointed with the radio activities on the occasion of the Winter Olympics in 2014 in Sochi what is a modern amateur radio: 180 special stations, Pile Up up to the last activity day, topical on-line log with fulfilment state in the certificate program, QSL call and ranking lists of the most successful radio amateurs. Everybody could see on the web page "his" Olympic results.

The on-line log contains the confirmed QSOs. With an farther click the Diplom is applied.
This is modern amateur radio:
yesterday the QSOs - to day the award !
The collection of confirmed QSO data on-line in the DCL allow to search for certificates and on-line apply.
The manager recognises by the contest log fast the fulfilment of the rules.
Jubilee award 20 Years District Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
The new Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Award - electronical version

30 Meter Digital Group (30MDG)
Member: DL3KWR # 4680 - CT3/DL3KWR # 4681 - CT9/DL3KWR # 4682 - 9H3RZ # 4687

Awards ? -  no problem !

Vacation in 2010: under CT9 / DL3KWR 4314 QSOs, of it 437 on the 30-metre band. On registering by 30MDG 12 electronic certificates came for the CT9-Call within 2 days. After the CT9 vacation and radio operation in 2011 to 2016 are nearly 3500 QSOs on 30 metres in the log and farther 24 certificates was coming. VY TNX to the 30MDG team. No many years' waiting for QSLs, no forms, no special "regulations", no costs; but: the log must be honest!
It is so simple: 30-metre log generate, with the 30MDG program call this log, certificate select from the offer, apply - download after 2 days of certificate.


Friendship Certicate 2009 of YLRL
WAC only YLs and CW only
YLs from 25 DX countries CW only
18th of April: World Amateur Radio Day
Electronical award: a simple and modern procedure
9A CW Award - level gold number 005

After wait of a long time
for the QSL of the last
missing prefeture
and with help of
was now coming the award
No. 2428

Small selection of my awards